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Jessica Simpson is a famous singer, performer and actress, now turned fashion designer. Her lines of fashion items are widely spread in different categories, from handbags to shoes. Of course, she has now a line of luggage sets of her own. If you are looking for the best Jessica Simpson luggage reviews, then you have come to the right place as this article is going to feature the top 3 luggage from the Jessica Simpson line. (Click Here To Check These Amazing Images Of Jessica Simpson Luggages)

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Top 3 Jessica Simpson Luggage Review

#1 – Jessica Simpson Twister

jessica simpson luggage review tiwster 1

Jessica Simpson Twister is made from polyester, so it can stand quite a lot of pounding. It features push-button locking handle system, making it very easy to use. It is fully lined with an ID Tag. It features 4 wheels that rotate 360 degrees. Also, you may be able to expand the capacity as it is an expandable luggage.

The real kicker about twister is the design and style. It features “scribbles” or twist, or whatever you wanna call it. However, its definitely a plus if sexy and wild is your thing. [continue reading...]

#2 – Jessica Simpson Leopard

Jessica Simpson Leopard

The leopard version of Jessica Simpson luggage line is manufactured from polyester, making it very tough and yet flexible. It is expandable upright, which makes it great if you need the extra space. The poly lining is one of the distinct features of this luggage, and its 150D heat stamped. It features several interior pockets with a push-button locking handle system. It also comes with a sexy leopard theme, which is very striking to say the least. [continue reading...]

#3 – Jessica Simpson Luggage Snake

jessica simpson snake

This luggage from Jessica Simpson line is made of polyester, which is a material that is proven to be durable. If you need an extra space, the expandable upright feature of this luggage will be handy. It features pockets that are strategically placed with the right kind of zippers. The polyester-lining is stamped to a 150° heat to make it even more durable. You can find a lot of interior pockets, which are very useful for tucking in small items. Finally, it comes with a pushbutton locking handle system, which makes it easy to trolley around this luggage. [continue reading...]


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