A Grouper Steals Fishermen’s Shark In One Bite! – Fishing Vacation Tales

Shark biting off a fish is not really new. But, what about a grouper biting a 4ft shark!? (Check Video Below)

Fun Fishing Vacation Tales

The fishermen in the video above were having an exceptionally good day of fishing. They caught a beautiful 4ft shark. Facts will tell you, it is not every day a fisherman can outwit a shark.

Once the shark took the bait, the next step was reeling the fish in. Just as they were beginning to do so, out of nowhere, a grouper appeared.

The grouper appears at the thirty-seventh (37) second. The grouper cannot be seen clearly due to how swift and fast it is but one can discern that the grouper is brown in color.

Fish eat fish that is barely news, However, in the video above the grouper not only eats the 4ft shark; it does so in one bite. That, in my opinion, is news. In addition to that, if you are to observe the water carefully after the grouper is gone, there is no hint of red anywhere meaning no blood spilled.

There are a lot of crazy stuff that can happen when you go out for a fishing vacation. Of course, we highly suggest that you do it once in a while (we know, it is not exactly cheap). There are a lot of destinations out there. A few good one ones are the Bahamas, Mediterranean, Florida and Caribbean.

Also, be sure to know what the local fishing seasons are. It would be a bummer to go on a fishing vacation only to realize that most of the game fishes have migrated. Also, make sure that you shop everything while you are home. Some of the stuff that you might need may not be available at your local fishing destination.

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