Delsey Luggage Reviews – U Lite, Air Flite and Fiber Lite Reviews

Delsey Luggage Reviews

Delsey Luggage Reviews 2Delsey is a luggage company that is based from Paris and this article is going to serve as a Delsey luggage reviews for their different luggage lines. As of now, Delsey has multiple luggage products and some people may get confused with the kind of luggage they should get. Some people look for Delsey luggage reviews comparison, while other shop from one site to another looking for the best product deals. To help you with that, this article is going to strive to be the best Delsey luggage reviews by providing your information on the 3 most popular luggages by this luggage company.




Delsey Luggage Reviews: U Lite Luggage

Delsey U Lite Luggage reviews

For our Delsey U Lite Luggage reviews, U lite stands for ultra-light. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these products from Delsey are primarily designed to be lightweight and portable. Furthermore, these kinds of luggage are slim, featuring a 20cm depth, making them perfect for low-cost or regular airline cabin spaces.

Additionally, U lite luggage features a combination lock for increased safety and security. It has a flexible frame so you can easily handle this kind of luggage and it also features silent wheels making it easy to maneuver without the annoying squeaky sound of other luggages. [continue reading…]

Delsey Luggage Reviews: Air Flite Luggage

Air Flite Luggage reviews

For our Delsey air flite luggage reviews, the air flite may be the perfect travel companion. It comes with a lot features like the expandable main storage so you will have an ample space. It comes in a 3-1-1 bag format which provides a great way for storing liquids. A Telescopic handle which makes moving this luggage very convenient and easy. Also, it features a Polytec construction, which makes it very durable and will serve you for years to come. In fact, the people from Delsey is kind enough to give you a 15 year manufacture warranty. It weighs a mere 8.4 pounds and usually comes in blue and red color. [continue reading…]

Delsey Luggage Reviews: Fiber Lite Luggage

Delsey fiber lite luggage reviews

For our Delsey fiber lite luggage reviews, fiber lite has a great balance between practicality and beauty. Fiber lite features a material known as 420 grade denier twill polyamide. In short, it’s very durable. It is very lightweight and features a compact design. The feet are located on the front foot so it won’t tip over when left on stationary. It also features patented Securitech zippers. The Fiber lite also includes a lot of pockets and compartments that are located strategically for convenience and functionality. [continue reading…]

Delsey Luggage Reviews Summary

Delsey produces some of the best luggages known to man. A few of those include U Lite, Air Flite and Fiber Lite. If you are looking for more of a Delsey hard shell luggage reviews, then you can browse other pages of the site. Thanks again for reading our Delsey Luggage Reviews.

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