Article About Best Luggage Brands Reviews, Best Luggage For Kids, 2 Piece Luggage Sets, Best Suitcase Brands, Pink Luggage Sets And Cute Suitcases

We have taken a new approach for our content. Instead of focusing on one subject, we decided to create one article with overviews of 6 subjects. For subjects that seem to be in demand for more information, then we will create a specific content for that subject. This way, not only we can provide better content, but we’ll know what kinds of subjects that people are actually looking for. For this episode, this article is going to cover best luggage brands reviews, best luggage for kids, 2 piece luggage sets, best suitcase brands, pink luggage sets and cute suitcases.

Best Luggage Brands Reviews

Best Luggage Brands Reviews

There are a few advantages of having a brand that you can trust, especially when it comes to luggage. Although, branded luggage may not be the cheapest in the market, but you can depend on them not to fail when you need them. Also, the best luggage brands have a great customer service that is willing to help you in any way possible. This is something that generic luggage brands cannot offer. So if you are looking for the best luggage brands reviews, then you can start with Samsonite, TravelPro, Briggs & Riley, Genius Pack and Delsey. [continue reading...]

Best Luggage For Kids

best luggage for kids

For any families planning to travel in the near future, this means that the kids will need a luggage of their own. These days, you can find luggage specially designed for kids. Let’s be sensible here, kids are not exactly full-sized humans, so it would be silly to let them trolley around luggage sizes intended for full-grown humans. Therefore, to help you with your quest in finding the best luggage for kids, you can start with Beatrix Wheelie Bags, Trunki, PB Kids Mackenzie Rolling Luggage, Canvas Suitcase Diamond from Esthex and PB Teen Zebra Carry-On Suitcase. [continue reading...]

2 Piece Luggage Sets

2 piece luggage sets

Just as the name says, 2 piece luggage sets are two luggages sold at a single deal or package. Sounds redundant? Not exactly. Well, the first luggage set is usually used as like most luggage. You can put clothes and personal belongings in them. With the first luggage, you can choose to check-in it in at the airport or bring it like a carry on. The second luggage is more of a handbag. It’s smaller and mainly used as a carry on. The best brands for 2 piece luggage sets are Samsonite, Rockland and American Tourister. [continue reading...]

Best Suitcase Brands

best suitcase brands

Suitcase and luggage are often used interchangeably these days. However, if you want to be a stickler, then suitcases are luggages that are more built for durability. One reason for this is that these suitcases are meant to protect your suit from being clumped and keeps them from looking un-ironed. Most of the time, they have a hard exterior shell. Among the best suitcase brands include Eminent, Karabar, Delsey, Luggage X and Antler. [continue reading...]

Pink Luggage Sets

Pink Luggage Sets

Who says you can’t travel without style. In fact, there’s no one stopping you if you want to look fashionable while in transit to your destination. For women, pink is always a cute and hot color. No wonder pink luggage sets are very popular. For the best brands that carry one of the best pink-colored luggage sets, you can start with Rockland, U.S. Traveler and American Flyer. [continue reading...]

Cute Suitcases

cute suitcases

We’ll, not everyone wants to carry pretty in pink. However, there are other luggage that can help still look fashionable. Most luggage these days have a tough-looking exterior, style or design, something that might not be favorable for beings with a flair for their feminine side. Thankfully! There are cute suitcases to save the day and you can start with Rockland, World Traveler and Ever Moda, as these brands are known for their unique and cute luggage designs. [continue reading...]

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